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Thursday, 28 February 2019

10 Makeup Brushes for Beginners and Their Uses

10 Makeup Brushes for Beginners and Their Uses

If you are the kind of person that makes use of few brushes for makeup just because you don't know the uses of others, now you have the opportunity. 
It can be frustrating when you couldn't differentiate between bronzer, blush, and foundation brushes, and even the small brushes can be very confusing if you're not a makeup expert. This is why we have listed these 10 makeup brushes and their uses. 

Foundation Brush

This helps to apply foundation that leaves your face with a smooth finish. When you decide to use your fingers, fingerprint marks can be left in the foundation and make it a little harder to fizzle out. Besides, it's not so hygienic. This brush is an essential one because it really helps keep the oils and bacteria from your fingers from clogging your pores.

Powder Brush

This large powder brush is ideal for applying bronzers and powders to get an equal amount of product on your face. You can also polish any blemishes for one last flawless look.

Blush Brush

This is perfect to apply powder blush with your desired color of choice to apple of cheeks and along cheekbones.

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is essential to building your makeup brush kit. It allows you to target specific areas on your face that need a little extra touch especially when you have dark circles & pimples and blend into your look flawlessly.

Eyeliner Brush

This is used to dot cream or gel liner across your lash lines.

Lash and Brow Brush

This is a must-have brush for every woman, when your eyebrows is well defined it adds so much and will help finish your overall look.It distributes your powder evenly and shape the look of your face. This brush also de-clump lashes.

Fan Brush

A fan brush is used it to wipe away excess product from your face. You can also use it to apply a face mask.

Angled Brush

Angled Brush is used to create precise eyeliner looks like cat eye.

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brush is used to put on different colored shadows for an easy day or night eye look.

Bronzer or Contour Brush

This is perfect for bronzer to contour your face.

Hope you find this very useful; Please give comment in the box below?

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