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Sunday, 7 April 2019

7 Mistakes You're Making When Covering Up Pimples

7 Mistakes You're Making When Covering Up Pimples

Having a blemish in your face makes you think everyone sees it and you end up thinking of having it covered. However, when you conceal the blemish, you need to do it correctly r else, it will even be more clearly seen. When you have any pimple in the future, never do the covering up mistakes again since they will only expose the blemish even more. Below are the mistakes you're making when covering up pimples.

Mistake 1: Applying excess make-up, very fast.

Base makeups always look very natural when you wear just a little of it. When you apply too much concealer once instead of adding excess may give your skin an over-done and cake-y shape too. All you need to do is dotting on each layer and blend it slowly before you move on to the next layer. It will give you time to know the amount you need to have the blemish concealed.

Mistake 2: Using very light color.

When we were studying art class, it was always normal to hear the art teacher say that darker shades always retreat in their background while lighter shades always stand out. The story was very true, and till now, it is clear that when you apply a lighter concealer, your face will shine like a flashlight. If you want to cover up the blemish correctly, then you must use the concealer whose color is almost close to that of your skin or even have two foundations blended to give you a customized hue.

Mistake 3: Blending very little.

It is impossible for you to apply lipstick in one of your lips and walk that way. It is the same when you apply little concealer in your face. You don't only apply on the spot you want to cover, but also to the entire face so that you get excellent results.

Mistake 4: Skipping the exfoliation.

It is clear for everyone that when the dead cells are eliminated from the skin, the skin becomes perfect and soft. However, you must exfoliate the skin so that your face will look great after using the make-up. For the flaky, and dead skin cells, most probably if they are in the area the blemish is, you won't blend the make-up perfectly to the skin. It will make you end up with winding uneven mess flaky.

Mistake 5: Popping pimple and directly applying make-up.

It is always essential to have your skin be in good condition even when it has more blemishes. Never pick at the skin since you may end up causing more damage like scaring the skin. Also if you need to avoid any temptation in your skin, is not applying to make up over a pimple in case you have popped it. When you do this, you will be risking the chemicals of the make-up to enter inside the skin; hence it won't give your skin a smooth finish or proper healing.

Mistake 6: Applying concealer with your finger.

It is very easy to use perfect tools like powder brush, beauty blender, and concealer brush since they easiest your work but never use your hands. The concealer brush always gets to the crannies and nooks located on the blemish side when you use and makes an even cover up. Makeup sponges will blend the makeup seamlessly in your skin, and they will make the coverage be in place.

Mistake 7: Skipping using the primer.

For a smooth looking skin, you must never avoid using a primer. The primer product always improves the skin texture, where you will have a very smooth skin area when you apply the concealer.

When you have any pimple in the future, never do the covering up mistakes again since they will only expose the blemish even more.

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