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Thursday, 23 May 2019

10 Clever Tips to Avoid Washing Your Hair Everyday

10 Clever Tips to Avoid Washing Your Hair Everyday

Are you washing your hair frequently because they get oily too quickly? Would you believe me when I say washing your hair daily causes them to become more oily! Yes, it’s true! It has been scientifically proven that washing your hair frequently causes your sebaceous glands to release more fat thus making your hair oily.

I will detail ten tips below which will not only help you keep your hair well-nourished but also strong without getting oily.

Here are 10 clever tips to avoid washing your hair every day.

1.  Check your water temperature 

Just because your hair is oily doesn’t mean you have to use hot water and massage your scalp vigorously! That is counter-productive as it results in the release of more fat from the scalp. Use Luke-warm water and a mild shampoo to do a very gentle massage on the scalp.

2.  Try doing Braids and Wet Ponies 

Braids help in disguising the oily roots. It is advisable to slightly backcomb at the crown so that the visible part of the unwashed hair is concealed. Make sure the Braids are thick and not too smooth.

3.  Use a Dry Shampoo 

You know your hair is going to be greasy in the morning, but you can’t do anything about it? Now you can! Use dry shampoos available in the market and apply it to your hair like a spray from a distance. Apply the talcum-based ones on the scalp. Keep it overnight and then blow-dry it in the morning. Your hair will be as good as washed, and they’ll smell nice too!

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4.  Change Looks

Change the way you part your hair. It is quite possible that regular parting has caused some damage to the scalp near the parting. Also, it is almost inevitable that the parting will be dirty. Just change it and give yourself a refreshing look!

5.  Watch your oily intake 

Well since we are worried about OILY hair, this was inevitable! You have to keep a check on the more oily foods and if possible avoid them to keep your hair fresh longer. Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, etc.

6.  Brush your hair before sleeping 

This age-old method always helps. Just lightly brush or comb your hair and if possible tie it up into a loose braid or a pony.

7.  Flat Hairdos are a NO NO!

Avoid doing up your hair into flat or sleek hairdos. They’ll only make your hair look messier and oily. Instead, do a backcomb near the roots and tie up a bun.

8.  Maintain good Brush Hygiene 

Wash your hairbrush at least once a week. This keeps your brush clean from any residue hair products you might have used as well as the fat of your scalp. Wash it in warm water and then run it under normal or cold water.

9.  Are you washing your hair right? 

Make sure that you are washing your hair properly. A conditioner should be used only after wringing out your hair properly and avoid using it on the scalp. Shampoo should be massaged using fingertips and at no point should you scrub your scalp. If possible use a t-shirt to dry your hair which helps smoothen frizzy hair.

10.  Don’t over stress 

You are looking awesome! Don’t overthink on how you look and just be confident! People are not even going to notice as much as you do!

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