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Friday, 19 July 2019

15 Signs of Cancer in Women : Symptoms Every Woman Should Know

Signs of Cancer in Women

Cancer is unpredictable and can occur as a result of age or hereditary but there are certain symptoms which should not be ignored by women. Although these symptoms may be related to other health problems but if they persist, it is advisable to visit your doctor for medical advice and examination.

Here are 15 Warning Signs of Cancer Every Woman Should Know.

1. Irregular menstrual periods or severe pelvic pain is one of the signs of cancer in women.

Unusual menstrual periods can be caused by factors such as menopause, pregnancy, obesity, stress, ovarian cysts endometriosis, among other factors. Heavier periods combined with excessive breeding occurring for more than six months consequently are an indication that something wrong is happening in your reproductive system. Moreover, pelvic pain during menstruation, especially with the above abnormal periods, is a clear indication of gynecological cancers such as ovarian or cervical.

2. Dimpling and Discoloration around the breast tip.

This is a major signs of cancer in women as most of the women can tell you a breast lump with bumps is likely to be a manifestation of breast cancer. Unlike the common breast cancer symptoms, dimpling and discoloration around the breast tip are not popular breast cancer signs thus many women are not aware of them. However, these signs are known to be more fatal thus serious precaution measures should be taken.

3. Persistent and painful coughing up blood.

Though a very common ailment resulting from allergies, common cold, and flu, sometimes it can mean something more serious. When coughing persists for a prolonged time especially when there are no signs of common coldness, then this is an indication that your lungs could be in danger. Leukemia has also been associated with painful coughing up blood.

4. Chronic headaches.

Having chronic headaches after a prolonged period of time suffering from migraines is a clear indication that something bad is affecting your brain. Such pain could be occurring on one side of the head. It is likely to be a symptom of lymphoma which requires immediate seeing your doctor for further diagnosis. Pregnancy can also cause headaches but not chronic and extended period of time.

5. Stomach nausea pain as signs of cancer in women.

Persistent stomach cramps lasting for more than one month should raise an alarm that something is happening to your stomach. Nausea and persistent stomach pain can be an indication of colorectal cancer, pancreatic or liver cancer.

6. Having difficulty when swallowing.

Throat sores are likely to cause difficulty while swallowing problems but in case of the issue prolongs for an extended time it can be a symptom of throat cancer. If the problem lasts for more than five weeks consider seeing your doctor. Thyroid cancer has similar characteristics.

7. Bruising of the skin especially around the vagina.

Bruising are commonly caused by allergies affecting the skin.
However, if such bruising is severe and affecting much more sensitive parts such as the vagina then something wrong is going on. When bruising is at almost all places this is a clear indication of leukemia.

8. Having a regular infection.

Regular infections are signs of cancer in women which are usually ignored by many women. Frequent infections with painful joints and backbone is an indication that your bone marrow is at risk. Fever will characterize such infections and should not just be treated with local painkillers without knowing the causes. Such frequent infections can be an indication of bone marrow cancer or lymphoma.

For instance, Ann, a bone marrow cancer survivor had reports that indicated she had frequent infection and fever with sighs such as double vision, pink eyes, excessive sweating during the night.

9. Bloodstained stool.

Blood in the stool can be a worrying factor. Most people associate blood in the stool with constipation but not all times such blood is as a result of hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are not an indication of cancer in the body, having a bloodstained stool should not be taken for granted. It should instead raise an alarm that something nasty is happening.

Bowel movements characterized by blood stains going for more than a month can be an indication of colon, rectum or anus cancer. Pain when passing bowel movements resulting in bleeding should alert you to visit a doctor. The problem is more prevalent to elderly persons but recent research has indicated that persons aged below 45 are also highly affected.

10. Noticeable skin changes.

Skin disease can be caused by allergies but such diseases are easily treatable with common drugs. However, having a skin condition that is getting worse over time can be an indication of skin cancer. This is usually as a result of prolonged exposure to UV sunlight thus causing damages to the skin epidermis. Carol had her skin with the following sudden changes before she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

1. Part of the skin appeared different from the other parts.
2. Blurry skin with sketchy shape.
3. Black patches or red-brown in color.

11. Postmenopausal bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding after menopause and especially if it has lasted for more that one year can be an indication that something wrong is happening to your reproductive system. Such postmenopausal bleeding will be caused by unbalanced hormone changes and other infections such as UTIs. However such bleeding is also likely an indication of uterine or cervix cancer.

12. Sores in the mouth with painful blisters.

Though mouth sores are common they will get healed after treatment. However, if such condition persists for an extended period of time, lasting for more than one year, then it can be a sign of oral cancer. Mary used to smoke frequently which resulted in sores in the mouth which later developed to oral cancer.

13. Persistent fatigue.

Jane began feeling exhausted most of her time even when she was not working. She spends most of her time sleeping but she always felt fatigued. Though, fatigue can be caused by many factors such as medications and anemia, cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia are also major causes of prolonged fatigue.

14. Excessive weight loss within a short time.

Most heavyweight women get excited when they lose weight as they consider it a decent change. However, when losing weight within a very short duration of time and no weight reducing medication is used, this can be an indication of something wrong happening. This is usually caused by reduced appetite resulting from liver, colon or pancreatic cancer.

15. Bloating.

Bloating which is swelling of the stomach after taking a meal especially during your menstruation is not normal. Frequent bloating characterized by constipation for a long time is likely to be a manifestation of uterine or ovarian cancer.

The American Cancer Control Society reports indicate that if such a condition persists for more than three weeks its an indication of dangerous ailments in your body. Visiting a doctor is recommended for further diagnosis of what could be causing the problem. Note that frequent exposure to Gas-X for a prolonged period of time can be a risk factor to negotiate the need to visit a doctor.

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